Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Crimes Against Humanity

Saturday, November 21, 2015


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Apparantly the Dakota Co. has Evicted Alice Krengel again from her Homeste
ad at 423 Allen in West St. Paul,MN
Alice called a Friend to pick up the two dogs Female Trickie went, but the Male White poodle named ChewChew ran,

Alice currently is at St. Josephs Hospital, the Heinous Abuse by Social Workers Cops, in this Case YESTERDAY 20Nov15 Animal Abuse by not securing the Transport of this 8 lb White Poodle, Now left to Freeze to DEATH.

Note to Bud Shaver Police Chief, Thanks4 Finding ChewChew the Poodle, Male with necessary Tags, in Temporary Foster Care,
St. Joes Hosp and DorthyDay if Ramsey.
Bud as you know Alice Krengel gets her Social Security Benefits apparantly from Major PTSD. stemming from the taking of her Home and one year at Dorothy Day, 2006.
Alice apparantly discharged from St. Joes in one Day, now Alice must be Restored to her Home at 423 Allen West St. Paul
to get her Affairs in Order.
If necessary the County must assist with Home Nursing or Oversight to Humanely Assist Alice to get her Live Back.
By info and Belief, we do not know where Alice was Discharged to.
Disclaimer; Affiant Dues paying Member of the Seniors at the Sal.
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THEREFORE; All efforts must be secured to Find this now Homeless Dog and its Owner. Pic below is a Look alike. FOUND.

Minnesota Supreme Court rules against West St. Paul in ...

St. Paul Pioneer Press
Jul 22, 2009 - Alice Krengel, 58, was forced from her home in West St. Paul for a year ... to seek an injunction banning Krengel from her Allen Avenue home ...

Case study Alice Krengel, 823 Allen, WSP - Angelfire

DDA takes an interest in this Krengel case because of the official choice to attempt to remove Krengel from her home instead of insuring .... lice is living on the Street ... THIS HOME OWNED BY: Alice Krengel 823 Allen West St. Paul, MN 55118.
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STATE or MINNESOTA - Angelfire
Defendant, Alice Jane Krengel is the owner of the property located at 823 Allen.Avenue, West St. Paul, MN; Plaintiff has responded to numerous calls for service ... Individuals at 823 Allen, provided preliminary breath samples ranging fr0m.

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