Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alice Krengel Legal Actions-DDAWeb

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2008, Alice Vindicated, Alice Wins Appeal, Overturns WSP Ruling MEDIA

2007, City attempts again to remove Alice € 2008, City Appeals to Supreme Court: 1 2
" Clpn. Tessmer agreed we need to go forward with this as this law was a pretty effective tool for the City and the neighborhood and it would be nice to have this available to us in the future."
"City Attorney Land explained...The opinion was a very narrow reading of the public nuisance statue that basically renders part of it ineffective...It was a published opinion which means it has stat wide impact over the statutory interpretation of this public statue,,,the City has already met the deductible, any additional costs up to $250,000 are paid for by the League."
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