Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Crimes Against Humanity

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Order16Jan07(Toussaint)Whistleblowers CriminalComplaints

BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL WHERE IS YOUR COMPASSION: What Heinous Crime did Alice committ warrant "taking" her homestead and rentals for 1 year. State of Minnesota by its Attorney General, Mike Hatch, Respondent, vs. Allina Why doesn't the Government protect ALL Citizens.Ex-agent wins lawsuit against FBI

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Forwarded Message:
Subj:AliceA06-2351_16Jan07Toussant.pdf Constitutionality of MS617.xx Nuisance Ord.
Date:2/8/2007 5:29:39 P.M. Central Standard Time
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Please take legal notice of the Status of , the Heinous, Repugnant Criminal Abuse of Power 42 USC 3631 reducing Alice and others US CODE: Title 18,1581. Peonage; obstructing enforcement
We the undersigned Whistleblowers have standing as Injured Partys also
Wilful neglience to enforce the alleged Health Problems of Krengel, cruel and unusual punishment of "taking" Homestead, forcing Alice to sleep at Dorothy Day without Trial by Jury, Consitutionality of MS617.xx, formal complaints decending to particulars.
Wilful neglience of the State Attorney General to defend the Constitutionality of Statutes and or intervene in this Bizzare "takings" , uniformity of Judicial Travestys costing the taxpayers a fortune
Further Affiants sayeth not at this time:
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