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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A06-2351Writ Prohibition Dismissed MS617.87

Subj:Check out MINNESOTA re: Alice Krengel A06-2351Dismissed 16Jan07 (Toussant)
Date:2/7/2007 3:01:24 P.M. Central Standard Time
From:Sharon4Anderson, Sharon4Anderson
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Subject:Fwd: Check out MINNESOTA re: Alice Krengel A06-2351Dismissed 16Jan07 (Toussant)
Date:2/7/2007 3:05:01 P.M. Central Standard Time

Pleas to the Public

Advocates Alice Consitutionality of 617. Abortion; Obscenity; Houses Of Ill-fame Is MS617.87 used to Steal Realestate from the Poor?
617.86 CONTEMPT.
Whoever violates a temporary injunction, permanent injunction, or abatement order granted
under sections
617.80 to 617.87 may be adjudged in contempt of court.
1987 c 283 s 7

If, after an order of abatement has been entered, the owner appears and pays the costs of
the action and files a bond in an amount determined by the court, but not to exceed $50,000,
conditioned that the owner will immediately abate the nuisance for a period of one year, the court
may, if satisfied of the owner's good faith, order the release of the building or portion of it which is
subject to the order of abatement. If the premises are released, for each day during the term of the
bond that the owner knowingly permits any part of the premises to be used for any activity which
was the basis of the abatement order, the owner shall forfeit $1,000 under the bond. Forfeiture
under the bond does not relieve the owner from prosecution for contempt. Release of the property
pursuant to this section does not release it from an injunction issued under section
617.83 or any
other judgment, penalty, lien, or liability to which it may be subject by law.
1987 c 283 s 8

Click here: MINNESOTA 7Feb07 Update: Pursuant to the undersign's call to re:

Alice Krengel Petitioner A06-2351 v. City of West St. Paul

651-296-2581 Summary as stated , clerk was very courteous Milessa Thanks.

"ORDER" denying Writ of Prohibition /s/ Toussaint dtd.16Jan07
Schumaker-Dietzen basically stating:

Nuisance Ordinance Aug06 Permanent 20Nov06(Metzen)
1 year Denying Homestead Property Right based on
Inadequate , Premature Writ, Remedys may be obtained
in District Court.
3 cases ? Hancock v Nelson Bellows and xx v. Issacs

Law Library 651-296-2775
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