Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Alice's Advocates, DDA, Bill & Sharon

Crimes Against Humanity

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Humor-Healing-Health-Braga-Vodka Bread of Life

The history of Russian vodka at Russian Foods .com
1144 Ottawa Avenue
West St. Paul, MN USA 55118-2008
Fax and Phone: 651 457 4376

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Update on Alice: Saw her at Passport Yesterday Tues 27Mar07 at 3:45pm.
Touched By Angels
We walked to bus:
1. Metzen denied Restitution of Homestead at 823 Allen West St. Paul, Mayor John Zanmiller, apparantly based on the bizzare fact that Alice did not go voluntarily to Treatment for Alcoholism?

2. Kory Land is no longer the prosecutor in this case: its the head lawyer from the League of Cities?

3. non-profit has an immediate appeal "

Alice is in good spirits has a woman friend at Mary Hall, is moving on in Life>

We know what goes on in these Commitments ie: which Metzen is culpbable for.

Murder of Tanya Cusantio

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